Tricks and tips... my dear readers, today I bring to you a catalogue of the most effective way to consume the serious mass weight gainer. When and how much to take this supplement is often a dilemma. Here you can find what experts say about the right arrangement of mass gainer supplementation.


The serious mass weight gainer is one of the best weight gaining dietary supplements. It is a calorie dense protein powder. However, serious mass has more ingredients than protein. It contains carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals as well. Serious mass is pretty heavy. It is also wholesome, with both macro and micro nutrients.

The obvious aim of a mass gainer is to increase your weight, in a healthy manner. Serious mass does not let you accumulate unnecessary fat, provided you regularly workout.

The serious mass gainer is ideal for gaining muscle mass. It helps you consume more calories than you burn. Hence, more body mass. Serious mass maintains a calorie surplus. It is a fabulous supplement to put on more size. Serious mass can be availed in the form of a powder. Also, the delicious variety of flavours makes it worth trying.


Weight gain is not an easy task. The serious mass weight gainer makes this job smooth. It helps you achieve the desired size and shape. A serious mass weight gainer allows you to maintain a high-calorie content. With more calorie gain than calorie burn, you enter a surplus state. Thereby more body weight is obvious.

The best part of the serious mass gainer is that it offers high-quality calorie. Serious mass is a convenient, cheap, and tasty dietary ingredient. Serious mass gainer makes it easy to get larger amount of calories and nutrients.

A single serving of a serious mass weight gainer offers 350 calories to 1200 calories. It has high amount of carbohydrates. Also, the carbs get absorbed faster which leads to an insulin spike. Ultimately there are more amino acids moving towards muscle. This gives extra muscle size and body weight.


Now, the question is when to take the serious mass weight gainer? Well it completely depends your time feasibility. There are various times, each with its own benefit. So let us take a look at the best timings:

First Thing In The Morning

When you wake up after long hours of sleep, your body has already exhausted all its nutrients and has entered a catabolic state. Taking a mass gainer at this time will fetch you enough calories along with protein and micronutrients to help your body shift to the anabolic state.

Before Workout

You can take the serious mass before a workout to gain energy. Taking serious mass half an hour before the workout works well. It feeds your muscles with fast-acting carbohydrates. Hence, the insulin goes up. This makes the amino acids quickly reach the muscles. Thus, better muscle growth.

After Workout

The serious mass weight gainer works effectively when taken immediately after workout. An intense workout puts stress on your body. It makes you burn more calories. Then your metabolic rate goes up and your nutrients are quickly used up. Serious mass replenishes your nutrients. It provides your body the extra calories needed. Serious mass also offers high protein which increases your body size and preserves your muscle mass.

Before Bed

Yes, the serious mass weight gainer can be taken before bed as well. Sleeping puts your body in a state of fasting. You go a long time without eating. The first meal in the morning is called break- fast for a reason. Taking the serious mass gainer at night will keep your body full during this period of fasting. It has the power of satiety. Mass gainer will enhance your body size.
The serious mass gainer enables you to consume more calories in a convenient form. The serious mass gainer is recommended to be taken with workout. Try to follow a hand in hand weight training along with mass gainer. Otherwise, mass gainer will lead to more body fat than was intended.


The amount of your daily intake of the serious mass weight gainer depends upon the nutritional value that you require. A serious mass gainer offers all types of nutritional targets. You can have a look at the calories and macronutrient values at the back of the supplement. Mass gainer completes your daily intake.

Ideally experts recommend 1-2 scoops of mass gainer. Such a dosage is considered good enough. 1-2 scoop will make a good shake. Similarly the number of shakes per day depends upon your nutritional needs.


Is drinking a mass gainer better with milk or water?

Well the better way is to take the serious mass weight gainer with milk. A drink with milk in it shall provide more nutrients. Mass gainer with milk offers extra calories and nutrients. Mass gainers also taste better when mixed with milk. If you are unable to digest milk then you can substitute it with water, oat drink, or soy.

However in case of milk, you have multiple options to have a delicious milkshake. You can add more ingredients and have your favourite shake. However, if you struggle with milk digestion then take water. Take cold or luke warm water. Absolutely hot water when added to serious mass can harden the contents.

Can I drink mass gainer on rest days?

Often people ask if they can take mass gainer on days other than workout. Is taking the serious mass gainer without working out good enough? The answer is yes. You can drink a serious mass weight gainer supplement on rest days, on days without working out. The reason is simple that more weight means more calories. So by not working a few days, you store your calories. Hence, there is calorie surplus. Consuming serious mass on rest days, therefore, help you to put on weight.

Just remember even on your rest days, you need to keep your calories up to put on more size. So take the usual diet as well as the mass gainer.


Can mass gainer be used as a meal replacement?

Since the serious mass weight gainer has wholesome nutrients, so yes, you can use it as a meal replacement. Yes, you can use a mass gainer as a meal replacement. The serious mass offers protein, carbohydrates, and fats along with micro nutrients. Hence, it is worth replacing a meal.